Jazz Improv, Vol. 1, No. 1, John Coltrane, cover (Print Edition & Companion CD)

Jazz Improv, Vol. 1, No. 1, John Coltrane, cover (Print Edition & Companion CD)


1 Frank Capp 

Ya Gotta Try (Comp. Sammy Nestico) (3:34)

(From Play It Again Sam, Concord Jazz CCD 4747-2. Frank Capp, drums, with LA big band.)

2 Joe Henderson

Milestones (#1) (5:57)

(Composed by Miles Davis. From So Near, So Far - Musings For Miles. Verve 314-517-674-2. Joe Henderson, tenor sax.)

3 Karrin Allyson

It Could Happen To You (4:42)

(Composed by Jimmy Van Heusen. From Collage, Concord Jazz CCD-4709-2. Karrin Allyson, vocals)

4 Jack McDuff & Joey DeFrancesco

The Most Beautiful Girl In The World

(Comp. Richard Rodgers & Lorenz Hart. From It’s About Time, Concord Jazz CCD 4705. McDuff, DeFrancesco, Hammond B-3 Organ)

5 Manfredo Fest

Over The Rainbow (6:17)

(Comp. Harold Arlen-E.Y. Harburg. From Amazonas, Concord Picante Rhino Records 45678. Manfredo Fest, piano)

6 Stan Getz

You’d Be So Nice To Come Home To (8:23)

(Comp. Cole Porter. From Yours and Mine, Concord Jazz 4740. Stan Getz, tenor sax)

7 Eric Nemeyer

If I Were A Bell (5:00)

(Comp. Frank Loesser. From They All Laughed, Jazz Improv 54321, Eric Nemeyer, vibraphone)

8 Chick Corea

Bud Powell (6:20)

(Comp. Chick Corea. From Remembering Bud Powell, Stretch SCD 9012-2. Chick Corea, piano)

9 Dave McKenna & Buddy DeFranco


(Comp. Bronislau Kaper & Paul Francis Webster. From: You Must Believe In Swing, Concord Jazz CCD-4756-2. McKenna, piano; De Franco, clarinet)

10 Hank Mobley

The Best Things In Life Are Free (5:16)

(Comp. B.G. DeSylva, Lew Brown, and Ray Henderson. From Workout, Blue Note. Hank Mobley, tenor sax)

11 Clare Fischer

Autumn Leaves

(Comp. Kosma, Prevert, Mercer. From: Just Me - Solo Piano, Concord Jazz CCD-4756-2. Clare Fischer, piano)

12 James Williams

Footprints (4:52)

(Comp. Wayne Shorter. From At Maybeck, Maybeck Recital Hall Series, Volume 42, Concord Jazz CCD-4694. James Williams, piano)

13 Play-along

In The Fall

(An original song by Robert Brown, in the style of Autumn Leaves. From Stand Alone Tapes-Jazz, by Robert Brown, A book and compact disc containing ten songs, Published by Alfred Publishing Company, Van Nuys, CA (Available through your local music store.)

14 Play-Along

Giant Steps (John Coltrane)

Jazz Improv®


Book Excerpt 

Ascension: John Coltrane & His Quest, by Eric Nisenson, Chapter Five, Giant Steps

Repertoire: Special Pullout: Many More Than 100 Essential Jazz & Standard Songs (including names of composers and albums on which you can find performances of these songs) 


Technique: How Much Technique Do You Need To Improvise Well? 

Performance: Space: Ideas About How To Use It Effectively To Build Solos

Patterns: What is a ii-V7 Progression? 

Harmony: Demystifying Modes - A Quick Introduction To The Practical Application of Modal Scales and Their Related Chords

Rhythm: Syncopation Ideas: Applying Scales & Chords Vocalizations of Syncopated Figures - Suggested Guidelines

Accompaniment: Do you need to rely on chordal accompaniment to play a great solo? 

Notation: Taking Some of The Confusion Out Of Ambiguous Chord Notation

Keyboard: How To Play A Walking Bass Line and Comp Chords

Soloing: How To Play A One-Chorus Solo? 

Commitment: How Much Time Does It Take To Become A Competent Improviser? 

Rhythm: Are Listeners Tapping Their Feet To Your Solos? 

Practice: Practical Application of Scales and Chords Over Chord Changes That Improvisers Often Use On The Song "On Green Dolphin Street" 

Book Excerpts: 

In The Fall" Song in the style of "Autumn Leaves" from Stand-Alone Tapes-Jazz, by Robert Brown, Published by Alfred Publishing Company. You can play along with this selection, which appears on this edition of the Jazz Improv® Companion Compact Disc. 

"The Basics" from Theory For The Contemporary Guitarist, by Guy Capuzzo, Published by Alfred Publishing Company

"Diminished Scales" from Mastering Jazz Guitar-Improvisation (Chapter 1 - Diminished Scales), by Jody Fisher, Published by Alfred Publishing Company

"Turnarounds" from Intermediate Jazz Guitar, by Jody Fisher, Published by Alfred Publishing Company 

Transcribed Solos: 

How To Transcribe Solos

John Coltrane, Tenor Sax Solo, Naima

John Coltrane, Giant Steps (alternate take), Tenor Sax solo

Joe Henderson Tenor Sax Solo, Milestones #1

Hank Mobley, Tenor Sax Solo, The Best Things In Life Are Free

Grant Green, Guitar Solo, The Best Things In Life Are Free

Wynton Kelly, Piano Solo, The Best Things In Life Are Free

Bill Evans, Piano Solo, Turn Out The Stasr 


The Two Lonely People, Composed by Bill Evans Bananas & Cream, Composed by Eric Nemeyer, (Melody & Improvised Solo) 


(Note-for-note, measure-by-measure analysis of the music) 

Giant Steps, Composed by John Coltrane

Milestones #1, Composed by Miles Davis

The Best Things In Life Are Free, Composed by B.G. DeSylva, Lew Brown, Ray Henderson

Turn Out The Stars, Composed by Bill Evans

The Two Lonely People, Composed by Bill Evans

On Green Dolphin Street, Composed by Bronislau Kaper & Ned Washington 


Moment’s Notice, Composed by John Coltrane, Arranged by Eric Nemeyer for Trumpet, Tenor Sax, Trombone and Rhythm Section

How To Write An Original Song - The First In A Series Of Suggested Approaches 



Comics - The Happenings of The Dotted Quarter

Discography: Bill Evans

Album Liner Notes: "Improvisation" by Bill Evans, from the Miles Davis album Kind of Blue

Perspective: Power, Fame and Fortune For The Jazz Musician

Record Reviews

New Recordings 


The Illusion Of Chance

Playing Ballads

Oh My God! Is That Me? 

Using Sight, Sound, Touch and Imagination To Build Your Musical Vocabulary For Improvisation

Fantasy Original Jazz Classics. Several pages of descriptions and graphics of selected albums recorded by John Coltrane for Riverside Records in the 1950s. 

Fantasy Original Jazz Classics. Descriptions and graphics of selected albums recorded by Bill Evans for Riverside Records in the 1950s and 1960s.

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